Restore from backup

The app is prompting me to restore data from backup.
Leaving Arc in the foreground with screen lock disabled it crashes after a couple of minutes. No data is restored.

Hi @Planetgate93! Can you tap on the button at the top, to view the restore progress, and send me a screenshot of the details you see there?

Ok, thanks! And what happens after that? Do you see any changes in the numbers?

No the app crashes brfore the restore start.

Hm, well that certainly shouldn’t happen!

Ok, let’s try doing it manually. Then we can find what the error is.

  1. Go to the iCloud Drive/Arc App/Import/Restore folder
  2. Copy the folders in there (LocomotionSample, TimelineItem, etc) into iCloud Drive/Arc App/Import
  3. Go to Arc’s Settings tab, then “Backup, Import & Export”, then tap “Open File Importer”
  4. From there you should see lists of all the backup files. Tap on just one of the files under “Sample Files”
  5. Watch what happens. If it imports successfully, it’ll have a tick mark icon. If it errors, there’ll be an error icon. In which case, tap the error icon and send me a screenshot of what it says in there.

I followed the instructions. When I download a file from the LocomotionSample and I get an error.

Hmm. So there’s TimelineItem files missing. In that case, first thing I’d check is make doubly sure you’ve got the TimelineItem folder copied into the Import folder, so you’ve got: iCloud Drive/Arc App/Import/TimelineItem/[lots of numbered folders here]

If the TimelineItem files are definitely there, then the backup is is incomplete. But as long as you’ve got the LocomotionSample files, you can still do a full restore, and the TimelineItem objects will be automatically recreated by Arc.

To do that, tap on the “Retry import ignoring missing dependents” button on that view.

In the manual import view, you should also go through and tap on the rest of the LocomotionSample file rows (or tap the “Import All” button), then check on any that show an error icon, and again tap “Retry import…”


I managed to restore some data by manually downloading the LocomotionSample files.
However, I cannot understand why the oldest data are from january 21, there should be data from 2020 as well.

There are also other folders named “Previous Backups 42DE863B" and “backups", but in each case the oldest LocomotionSample file is 2021-W03

I’d like to know more how these backups can be restored or saved.
Is there a guide that describe how the various pieces come together?

thank you


Hmm. That suggests that your database did only go back as far as week 3 of 2021! The LocomotionSamples part of the backup process typically completes in less than a day. So should quickly be an accurate representation of the breadth of your database.

The Backups folder is the current backups folder, being used by Arc for backups now. The Previous Backups ... folder is the backup folder from a previous install of Arc, and is the one that is used for restoring from backup.

The restore process copies that Previous Backups ... folder into the Import folder (naming the folder as Restore). It is then restored from that Restore folder (and each file deleted from there after successful import).

Thank you,
I just have one more question.
How can I rid myself of the restore banner on top of the app?
I tried to empty the restore folder but the banner is still showing up.

Hmm. The banner should go away on its own once the restore has finished. Does it still show as having more to restore?

It is stuck on this view
The restore and input folders are empty

Hmm. Well that’s not right! I wonder how it’s got stuck there. Presumably it’s finished, but it hasn’t recognised that it’s finished.

I’ll hunt around in the code and see if I can figure out how it happened, then get it fixed in the next update. Sorry about that!

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Thank you very much,

I was wrong about missing data. They are suppose to start from Jan 21. All data have been restored correctly!

Thank you


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