Possibility of Android adaptation/recommended alternatives?

I’ve started encountering general performance issues to do with iOS updates’ bloat overwhelming my XS while multitasking. I doubt it’s related to the Arc App, but I’ve started to look through my options.
Was there an idea raised to adapt Arc onto the Android platform? Due to the diversity of the location and map providers on Android I’d imagine this would warrant a rewrite of a large portion of the app to support that, but perhaps the location processing parts could be easier to fulfill?
Otherwise, are there any alternatives for location tracking on the Android platform that you could recommend?

Hi @anijatsu!

Some years back I did start on a project to port LocoKit (Arc’s recording engine) to Android, with the aim of eventually building an Android app. But it quickly became obvious that it was an unrealistic goal, given that my workload from maintaining Arc on iOS was already becoming too much for one person, so I had to give up on the idea.

I’m not aware of what similar apps are available on Android. Though hopefully there are some good ones! Maybe someone else on the forum will know.

As a sidetone on your iPhone XS, congrats on making it last so long. That’s some impressive lifespan!

For a decent modern phone that’s still affordable in the Apple world, I’d look at getting an iPhone 13. My main phone is an iPhone 13 Pro and it still has more than enough power to do everything iOS asks of it.

Although that said, this year’s new iPhone model (and iOS version) might change things dramatically, given that the expectation is that AI will be deeply integrated, which will require more memory and more CPU/GPU power. I’ll be upgrading to the iPhone 16 this year, to make sure that I have the power necessary to run whatever new AI features are coming.