No movements visible

Saturday the registration was fine. Sunday had a 7,44 km walk, but Arc didn’t register it :cry:

Sorry to hear that @Ellen_Keizer!

Does the timeline show a “Data Gap” item at all? If Arc was killed / terminated for any reason, then there’ll usually be a Data Gap item in the timeline, to show the period where no recording was possible.

Although if the visits on either side of the data gap are to the same place, then sometimes the processing engine will assume that the data gap was in the middle of a single visit, and will merge the two visits together, consuming the data gap. So if you don’t see a Data Gap item in the timeline, perhaps that’s what happened.

Dear sirs,

Does it help to see the timeline information ? See attached screendump.
Emperor’s place is my home address. In the afternoon I had a walk, but this info is not shown at all.
Do I need to open the app if I reach a new destination ?

Thanks for the help.
Regards Ellen Keizer

No, you don’t need to open the app at any time. But you do need to never swipe the app closed. If you swipe the app closed, then there will always be a gap in your data, until the app is either automatically restarted by iOS (which you can’t rely on happening) or you open it again manually yourself.

So the big take away is: don’t ever swipe the app closed!

The other important points for making sure you get the most consistent recording is to make sure the app has all the permissions it’s asked for, such as Background App Refresh, Notifications, and of course Location Services permission set to “Always”, and Motion & Fitness.

If your phone is in Low Power Mode, there’s also a greater risk of the app being terminated by iOS without warning. Similarly, if Background App Refresh is turned off for your phone (or just for Arc), that will increase the risk of data gaps also.

For any specific individual case, there’s no easy way of knowing what the case was specifically. And knowing the cause unfortunately also won’t help with improving the situation in the future. So the steps above are your best bets for the most consistent and reliable recording.

I hope that helps to explain a bit!

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Thank you very much for the tips. I am used to swipe up my apps to close them, so that I won’t do anymore.
Today’s registration looks fine :+1:t3: So fingers crossed it will keep on working.

Have a nice evening
Greetings Ellen from Holland

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