Moving from iPhone XS to 12 Pro

I have been using the app on an iPhone XS for several months and I am pretty much happy with how it works, however I bought an iPhone 12 Pro recently.
On iPhone 12 Pro each time Arc App is active there will be that blue navigation badge in the status bar, and this is annoying as hell.
No need to say that this blue navigation badge was not present on iPhone XS.

After about a week of attempts I could not find a setting that would make the blue navigation badge in the status bar disappear but have Arc App still tracking my travel.

Do I miss something obvious or is it a bug to address?

Hi @Egor!

That’s not a bug, it’s an iOS setting. Let’s see if I can find it… Ok, it looks like this one:

iOS Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Arc → set it to “Always”

If that option is set to “While Using the App” then it’ll show the blue badge. And it’ll also likely result in more data gaps, because Arc won’t be able to restart location recording in the background. When it’s set to “while using” apps can only start recording location in the foreground.

Hope that fixes it for you!

Thanks. That worked.
Strange thing is that I tried to match all settings between both phones before but it did not.
It works now, thanks again.

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