Errors deleted in daily view still appear in monthly view

I was travelling by plane and for reasons unknown, Arc got confused and tracked me as ‘driving’ from Texas to Tibet and back within about 20 mins.

I’ve deleted this obvious error by editing the daily view to flag the ‘travel’ as bogus, and it seems to be deleted correctly since it no longer appears in Daily View. However, it is still appearing in Monthly View.

Searching on the forum, I found this thread - Missing events in Month / Year view - #3 by StuFather - which indicated a few minutes of running Arc in the foreground, with power connected, may be required to add missing data. I’d assume that the same approach would remove erroneous data but I’ve been waiting 20 mins on Monthly View and it’s still displaying incorrectly.

This thread indicates people waited several hours and had no improvement but that was connected to a specific app version from more than a year ago, so I would think that’s not going to repeat itself… Monthly & Yearly View Incorrect - #10 by matt

Is there another trick I should use? Thanks!

Hi @moo!

As coincidence would have it, there’s a new thread on that just this week.

The short version: the next version of Arc will fix this, allowing for full updating of monthly/yearly map views when Arc is in the foreground and plugged in to power.

The next release should be coming in only a few days! I’m prepping to submit it to the App Store today.

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Does that mean the issue I previously reported

Here Activity summaries incorrect - #7 by Hutima

And here Monthly / yearly summaries not updating - #8 by Hutima

Will be fixed in the upcoming update :smiley:

@Hutima, the next Arc release will fix the problem for monthly/yearly timeline maps, but not for activity summaries.

I’ve still got it on my todos to dig into the activity summaries and see if I can find the edge cases where updates are slipping through. Hopefully in one of the next updates! I’ll be aiming to get back to updates at least once a month, after this next big release. (Which is all ready to go, and just waiting for Apple’s approval in the App Store Review process. Maybe today!)

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OK thanks sounds good, good to hear you’re feeling better and back on the update timeline too!

A lot of my activity issues have been because I’d wipe my data every few months to fix timeline summaries haha hopefully now that the first is solved the second will be a bit less edge case

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Thanks @matt and apologies for missing that thread you shared with me. I thought I’d searched thoroughly within the forum but I clearly overlooked that one!

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No worries @moo. All good :smile:

And the Arc 3.6.0 update is now live on the App Store! Apple finally approved it, after a few rounds of fussing over what words I’m allowed to put on buttons. (Apparently having the onboarding say “Enable Location” is a no-no these days, even though it’s literally an app for recording location. Silly stuff :roll_eyes:)

Clearly words such as ‘Enable Location’ are a security threat to the planet.

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Closing the loop on this thread - the latest version of the app has resolved my issue.

For the benefit of anyone searching through other threads in the future. :smiley: