housekeepCloudKit overdue by 2 months

Should I worry about this task?

Definitely no need to worry!

That task is actually not even scheduled anymore, given that Arc doesn’t use CloudKit anymore, so it’s kind of weird that it’s still showing in the list. Although it’s also showing in the list on my phone, so there’s nothing weird going on on your phone.

I’ll check the code to see why it’s still showing in the list… Oh ok, I see why. It’s listed in deprecatedIdentifiers, but I’m not correctly using that list in Arc Mini’s debug view. K, will fix in the next Arc Mini release :+1:t3:


For reference, here’s the full list, in case any of the others are showing up for anyone:

static let deprecatedIdentifiers = [
    "cloudKitBackups", "placeModelUpdates2", "coreMLModelUpdate", "activityTypeModelUpdates", "housekeepCloudKit"

That coreMLModelUpdate update one was because I realised after adding it that all of the other ones are named in plural - “updates” not “update” - so I renamed it to match the rest.

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