GPS drift, inaccurate positioning

GPS drift, inaccurate positioning。
and the its made lots of incorrect activity, how to batched change it。

Hi @seaotter!

The processing engine will clean up most of that mess on its own, though it will possibly take a few minutes. If it asks you to confirm any items, confirming/correcting those will help it along, to move through the mess faster.

On the issue of drifting location data in general, there’s a few things to look out for:

  1. Are you using iOS 16 beta? The beta releases are notoriously bad for drifting location data, perhaps due to betas having a different relationship with Apple’s wifi hotspots triangulation database.

  2. If wifi is disabled in your phone’s settings that also can cause nasty location data drift, again due to not being able to properly make use of wifi hotspot triangulation.

  3. If it’s the first time you’ve visited a new place, your phone won’t have fetched and cached relevant wifi hotspot triangulation data from Apple’s database. You will typically notice much better location data accuracy on second visit to a new place, once the phone is able to do sensible wifi hotspot triangulation.

Those are the main things to look out for - all related to wifi hotspot triangulation, which is important for getting sensible location data accuracy when inside buildings.

But yeah, circling back to the start: the processing engine should clean up most of that mess on its own, so hopefully there shouldn’t be much cleanup work necessary for you to do yourself. Though if it does ask for confirmation of any items, giving that assistance will ensure the cleanup moves along.

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