A bit of a mess

I’m here in Las Vegas at the hotel Bellagio, staying on the very same room over night, but the gps signals seems to be a true mess, please take a look.

Are there any smar, fast and convenient way to fix/cleanup this mess

This is kind of a typical pattern in built-up areas where you have GPS signal reflections.

I think for you the only way is to mark all samples as “Stationary”. After some time, Arc will learn that you are not moving in a triangle, but are stationary in your hotel room, and the samples will be classified correctly.

I am not sure if you will stay long enough top reap the benefits though…

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Yeah, what @Palmin said.

You can go through and mark the messy segments as “stationary” in the Individual Segments view, and that will train Arc’s “Trust Factor” system to know that at that location the phone will lie about location data accuracy, and that Arc should trust it less, which will then result in cleaner recordings on subsequent nights.

Your phone will also do a built in accuracy improvement process over a period of days, by identifying nearby wifi hotspots and learning to improve accuracy based on those.

But both of these paths to improved accuracy require at least a day or two before they achieve useful results, which isn’t much use if you’re only staying at a hotel for a night or two. Which is why I consider this kind of situation still an “unsolved problem”.

Just purely for cleaning up the existing mess, unfortunately no there’s no fast or convenient way. You just have to go through the Individual Segments view and correct them one by one, changing them to “stationary”. Which is an incredibly tedious task if it’s the first night at a new place that has very noisy location data, like the one you’re staying at there.

If you’ve got a few nights at the Bellagio, at least you’ll start to see much more sensible data by the end of your stay. But that’s not much help for the first night or two, when it’ll be a terrible mess like in your screenshot.

I completely get your points, but in this case (and others I’ve seen), there is simply so many that you wouldn’t do the job!!!

What’s needed here is the possibility of selecting a timeframe, and once tell them all, that they a stationary, and it’s all done in a minute instead as 30 minutes of work- yes it’s that bad or worse!!!

Yeah, I agree that there should be an easier way to clean up the big messes like this. On subsequent nights it’d be a much smaller mess, and less hassle to clean up individual segments, but when it’s a full night of nonsense data on the first night of staying at a new place, it’s just too much work with the current UI.

I’ll add it to the todos to explore some UI ideas for these cases.

@matt - Thanks, that’s what I like to hear​:blush::+1:


My workaround in such situations is to „Delete this visit“ so that it (and all its messy data) is merged with the previous/ following activity. Then I “split” this activity into the original already fine part and a new stationary part.

I reported the same problem back in May… the problem persisted even though I was in the same hotel in Yokohama for a week.

That being said, for some reason I found GPS performance in Japan to be much less accurate than in the US and Europe, which baffles me… aren’t they they same set of Satellites?

In Japan your phone will have available GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou, as well as QZSS - Japan’s Asia/Oceania based system, which has similar consumer-level accuracy to the others.

What is more likely to make a difference though is cell tower and wifi hotspot triangulation. If your phone isn’t connected to a cellular network it will have diminished ability to do cell tower triangulation, as well as use the cell network to assist the GPS/GNSS process. And if wifi is turned off or not enough nearby wifi hotpot’s are visible or if the phone hasn’t had enough time to establish hotspot triangulation data (which can take a day or two for each location), it will have further diminished accuracy, especially in built up city areas where hotspot triangulation is a major part of location data.

In my experience the biggest factor in poor location data in new locations is the phone’s lack of wifi hotspot triangulation data in the first day or two. When you’re being a tourist, jumping from place to place with maybe only a day or two in each, your phone doesn’t get enough time to get a handle on wifi hotspot triangulation before you move on. That ends up leaving you with really messy indoor location data at each place.

If you play a game that requires GOS movement, you’re in luck. Something like PokemonGo you could “walk” a lot of eggs to hatch overnight. :joy:

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