Duplication of places and activity

As of yesterday 26apr24 about 15:15 ET my places and activities are being duplicated. The time is specific because I have a place recorded at 15:13 then the same place at 15:15 and after that the duplicating starts.

I get two places recorded (the same place of course) and two traces.

Build 3160101 based on Test Flight.

Not sure if Arc Mini was running (I don’t think I had closed it). And the duplications are showing up there too.

This is probably due to an intermittent race condition bug in the timeline processing, caused by caching, that’s there to keep energy use down. It should come right on its own, although you can hurry it along by editing one or both of the items, to trigger a cache refresh. Once the stale cache values are refreshed the processing engine will notice the mistake, and clean it up.

This also is something I want to fix by shipping a new app! Over the past month I’ve rebuilt LocoKit (Arc’s recording engine) from the ground up, to get rid of almost a decade of collected cruft. I’ve cleaned out a whole bunch of problems like this, that were caused by shortcuts I had to take in old LocoKit for energy use’s sake, amongst other things.

The new LocoKit2 is in the upcoming Arc Timeline Recorder, which will share the recording job with Arc and Arc Mini (which for now will continue to use old LocoKit1).

But I also want to rebuild Arc App itself, to get rid of the ~decade of cruft in the app’s UI code. So the tentative plan is to ship a new Arc Timeline Editor app, that uses LocoKit2 under the hood, and has a newly rebuilt UI on top, for all the usual editing tasks we do with our timeline data.

That will then leave room for an Arc Timeline Analytics or some such app, for the various statistics and so forth. Although my hunch is that’ll be one too many apps, and it’d be better off building all that stuff into the new Arc Timeline Editor app, so that it can eventually be a complete replacement for the ageing Arc App itself.

Basically the goal is to clean up all the collected technical debt in a bunch of milestones, shipped as separate apps, so that the old Arc App can continue doing what it does until the new apps are complete enough to take over the full job.

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Yeah, it did stop. And then I was wondering a day I thought I saw duplication didn’t have any. Not sure if I’m remembering wrong or it corrected itself.

Great to hear future plans. Thanks.

Yeah it will have corrected itself. Sometimes it takes annoyingly long to realise (the cached data in memory takes too long to get refreshed), but it will eventually self correct. These days if I see that bug, I just ignore it and come back later, and it’ll be all fine by then.