Does Arc documentation exist?

There are so many sub menus, colors, hidden settings, and ways of managing places, segments, etc that it’s hard to understand the what, why, and possible ways of using the app. I’m struggling to find any documentation in the app or on the web. Does anything like that exist or is this forum the documentation?

Unfortunately as a one man show there’s not enough time to document it. Although I guess I do spend up to an hour a day on the forum here, explaining things. So the “not enough time” argument isn’t a strong one.

I think the better answer is: It shouldn’t be so complex that it needs documentation! I think really that’s the heart of the problem - it’s gradually grown in complexity over time, to suit the various editing needs of power users, and that’s resulted in what’s probably not the best self-documenting UI.

For that I think perhaps what needs to happen is:

  1. More in-app documentation. Like how some of the editing views have a brief blurb at the top, providing some context on the view’s purpose
  2. Simplification of the UI where possible

That second one is something that’s increasingly playing on my mind lately, as I work on rebuilding various menus, adding new options, moving options around, etc. You’ll see some of that work in the next update. Though at this stage I don’t think I’ve managed to simplify anything, merely modernise the appearance to use more iOS standard menus etc.

But as I’m working through it, I’m getting a better sense of how the various editing tools fit in the navigation, and am hoping to plan out some better navigation structure based on that better understanding.

Anyway, in the meantime do feel free to ask me any questions you have! As you’ll have seen, I can’t stop myself rambling once I get started :wink: And I do enjoy chatting on the forum. It helps me a lot to better understand the problems and eventually better solve them in code.

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