Dark mode map is always shown regardless of settings

As of the latest update 3.7.0 my Arc map is always shown in Dark mode. Regardless of whether I have Light mode or Dark mode disabled in the settings

See images

How can I switch back to Light mode if the setting does not affect it?

Im not sure why only one image is allowed per post, but here is the image of my map being in dark mode

Hi @lawnmower!

It looks like I’ve built the UI in a way that people are misunderstanding. That “Light mode / Dark mode” toggle isn’t for changing Arc between light and dark, it’s for letting you set different map settings for light and dark mode.

Arc will always mirror the device’s light/dark setting, so if the phone is in Dark Mode, Arc will be too. However when Arc is in Dark Mode you can choose what map style it uses, and ditto what map style it uses in Light Mode.

So for example you might want to use “Outdoors style” map style in both Light and Dark, or “Arc style” in Light but “Streets style” in Dark.

If you’re not a fan of Arc’s Dark Mode design, I recommend setting your Dark Mode map style setting to one of the lighter styles (“Arc style” is the default style you see in Light Mode). That way both Light and Dark will look almost the same.