Arc thinling too long when GPS signal is weak

Arc is think too long, hours, in this location that I’m stationary. H gps seems very weak about -1414 in this place. Van you may be do some workaround when the gps signal is very weak?

I suspect what will be happening will be location will be dropping out completely every minute or so.

If location data drops out completely, and stays that way, Arc will eventually go to into sleep mode. But there’s an edge case where in some situations the phone will pick up location data briefly, provide some probably terrible data, then drop out again and stop providing any location data for a minute or so, then repeat the cycle endlessly. If the timing is just right, it can keep Arc awake and trying to record forever.

You might be able to help Arc out of the mess by tapping on the car items and converting them to stationary type, which will convert them to Visits. Then they will be merged in with the previous Visit, and that’ll clean up the timeline and hopefully also give the recording engine enough context to be able to go back into sleep mode.

Addendum: The above described edge case situation often self resolves, once the phone has collected a bit of wifi hotspot triangulation data. I’ve only personally seen it happen on first visits to new places, then it resolves on later visits, due to the phone by then having enough cached wifi hotspot triangulation data to be able to provide useful location data.