Any chance we could get thinner lines in activity for higher zoom ranges

I live in Boston and the dense streets makes activity view a little unusable at lower zooms

the line thickness thing I think could be optimized a little more for better readability

Not sure if there’s a good fix though since I think the line width is good at extremely wide views, it’s just these middle zoom levels that are a little unreadable

How does it look on the monthly and yearly timeline map views? I could use that style of semi-transparent lines, so that overlapping lines become darker if there’s a lot overlapping on the same route.

A bit hard to see because of the underground subway but I think it’s a bit better at the medium zoom levels

I still think it would be ideal if the medium zoom levels had a different thickness but yeah semi transparent would work better I think, something to consider anyway

I think the issue is really just with the walking use case since it’s always so dense so it might not be worth playing with

(On the other hand if you could let us export by type I could just self-visualize in derive


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From memory (which absolutely is not my strong suit) I think I ended up with this line thickness because it was the thinnest that still maintained readability when overlayed on busy maps (eg city centres). Though thinner but with a stroke colour could work, but I’m think MapBox SDK doesn’t support that yet.

It’s certainly worth experimenting with again though. Those decisions were made 4-6 years ago! Plenty might have changed since then.

Yeah I barely even try to look at the activity map views for my walking. It’s really not readable. Though a big part of the problem for me is the areas of the city where I walk are separated by substantial distances, so there’s dense clusters of walking in separate parts of the city. There’s no way to view the map with all of those separate regions visible, without each of them shrinking to a useless size.

Anyway, it’s all worth experimenting with, so I’ve added it to the todos to see what works better.

This is still very high on my todos!