Almost six month of unconfirmed activity

I think this is because the new backup or some bug stuff. There are almost six month totally marked as unconfirmed days. I’ve already tried to confirmed 15 days in 2019 Feb, that’s why that month doesn’t marked as all days.
and the problem is now when I search something, these unconfirmed days seems totally removed from search history. The only way is to mark them. And there are 180 days… I don’t even count other month with several days. combine I might have over 250 days to confirm and I don’t hink I have that time to do so. Is the a bug or what? is there any way to fix this?

Have you deleted then reinstalled the app at any stage recently? Or installed it on a new phone and set the new phone up without restoring from iCloud/iTunes backup, then restored Arc from Arc’s own backup?

What you’re seeing there looks to me like either a restore from an Arc’s old backup system, or an incomplete/partial restore from Arc’s new backup system.

When restoring from the old backup system, there could be CloudKit weirdness that’d result in some restored data requiring reconfirmation.

That problem doesn’t exist in the new backup system, but you will see a similar result if a restore is done with the new system and there backup was missing TimelineItem objects. What that means it that the underlying recorded data (the LocomotionSamples) is all there, but the Visit and Path items (the items you see in the timeline view) had to be automatically recreated, which means the recreated ones wouldn’t have confirmed place assignments etc.

Actually, you can tell which kind of problem it is by going to view one of the unconfirmed days, and seeing if the visits briefly have light grey titles with no place name assigned. Viewing the day timeline view will trigger auto assignment of best match places to each visit in that day, but in the second before that’s done, you’ll see light grey names on each visit in the day, until the titles are replaced with proper place assignments.

Yes I chenged to 13 Pto Max, But was restored from itunes bavkup.

Yes at first time goong to the day, they are all not assigned and thenwill changed to location name. But lots of location assigned is not right and I cannot remember what exactly location I was going.

Hmm, that negates my theory then. When setting up a new phone by restoring from iTunes/iCloud backup, that literally just puts in the full database, identical to how it was on the old phone. So that wouldn’t explain any data weirdness.

And this sounds exactly like what I would expect if the samples (LocomotionSamples) had been restored but not the timeline items (TimelineItems). But that is impossible when restoring from iTunes - they’re all in the same database file. So… this is a really weird mystery.

this is really ceazy. I going bavk to 2017 and seems most of the old data are gone. All unadsigned then assigned to a name that is not right. And I cannot remember what place I was going cause its so long.
Now I dont know what to do. So much days are missing now