A better place system?

Is it possible to add a place by pressing a button on the UI somewhere maybe in its own tab where the place list can be and you can add a place that has a scalable area like life 360

Arc’s places have dynamic size, based on the data recorded at visits to the place.

So for example a small market stall will end up with a place radius of minimum size (8 metres), while a large shopping mall end up with a place radius of several hundred metres, or even a kilometre or more in the case of airports.

I should add: You can see a place’s radius by looking at the orange circle on the map, when on the details view of a visit to the place.

So in this example, for a visit to a 7-Eleven, from the timeline view you can see the Visit’s radius as the purple circle, but when you tap in to the details view, you can see the radius of the Place itself, which is much larger, and reflects the known size of the shop based on all visits to it.

Visit circle

Place circle