Update from iphone 6 to 12

i have been using Arc from the beginning on my iPhone 6 and last sunday i (finally) installed it on my new iphone 12 pro. As you can imagine i was a few updates behind…unfortunately the database migration got stuck on 0% and the app kept crashing. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and that seems to have done some good because now i can see activity data, but no timeline data. Perhaps i just need to be patient, but i am a bit worried something went wrong.
Arc reported that it has finished importing data. But timeline shows 28 months and 25 days spent driving a car, so obviously something is not right. In the settings i see the following notice ‘Restore from backup is 42% complete’. No chance for the last two days. Can you please help me with this?


I think possibly you emailed me about this? (It was one of the handful of emails I had time to reply to this week!)

If that wasn’t you, I’ll repeat here what I put in my reply: basically the restores from backup take a very long time - possibly several weeks - to finish. But the restores are very reliable, so it will keep chugging along and make progress over time. It’s best to just ignore the restore progress, otherwise it’ll feel like it’s taking even longer :joy: Arc will continue to record and process new data as normal, while the restore is happening.

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So, it took 5 months but data restore is now complete at 100%. Unfortunately I still have the same error where Arc has put all transport data as one big transport item of 28 months en 25 days and 9777 km with more then 4000 photo’s. So this cintains all the transport data i collected with Arc from the beginning on my iPhone 6.
If I try to correct/edit a day, Arc crashes and apart from that it would be a lot of work. Obviously I want this corrected. Do you have any suggestions?

Ouch! That’s a terrible outcome.

I don’t know how that could have happened. It’s certainly not something I’ve heard of happening before. But the important thing is to get it fixed.

I think what might be necessary is to get you onto a beta build of the next Arc release, which contains the new import/restore system. The new system allows for partial imports/restores, and uses JSON text files which can be hand edited. That would allow us to hand fix the data and get it reimported.

Though that’s still going to be a quite difficult process. And unless you have programming / JSON experience, one that will likely require me to do it for you, which means me having a copy of your data. Not great! But I’m not seeing any other way around it yet. Essentially your data has become mangled, and the original timeline state has likely been lost. (Though not the actual recorded samples themselves, which are the most important part).

If you’re keen to move forward with that option, please send me an email from the Feedback & Support button in the app, and I’ll look out for it in my inbox. I’ll explain the steps from there and we can get started.