Need a Manually uploading/backup system: Task not running. Over 404k Samples pending. item not backup

So the data is from Arc Mini:

I’ve plug in to charge everynight, with wifi on, location on, all on. But seem there are so many places, timeline summaries, samples are not backup. And from Task States, mostly complete one month ago, some are 5 month ago. What happened?

We really need a manually upload/backup system that once click will start the task. It can break or stop if we close the app, but at lease we know it is processing when we open it and can see the progress.
For example the app DayOne: I’ve got 13G data in their cloud and this time when I change to 13 Pro Max, I download it from fresh and because it have manually progress to see, it’s very easy to know if it is downloading or not.

Have you at any stage recently either moved to a new phone and restored Arc from Arc’s own backups? Or deleted and reinstalled Arc? Or gone into Arc’s settings and turned off then on Arc’s backup setting?

In all those cases, the backup state will be reset, and it will start on a completely fresh backup of the entire database. The numbers you’re seeing there aren’t a few days behind, they’re a massive part of an entire database behind.

Arc will catch up on that over a week or so, if you leave your phone plugged in often enough. Though you can get it finished within a day if you leave Arc in the foreground, screen lock disabled, and the phone plugged in to power. Arc will run the backup at full speed in the foreground, continuously, under those conditions, until it’s finished.