Large location catch circle

After the update, and night on the charger, the orange catch region for my home has expanded to several km wide, and includes most of my local area.

I can’t find any recent visits with dodgy data, but I also can’t find a good way to identify why the catch area has suddenly exploded. What can I do to fix this? Right now Arc wants to classify every nearby location as home.

Ugh. That means some visit somewhere has been incorrectly assigned to your home place. But yeah, it’s really hard to find the offending visit.

You can go into the all visits view (“Total visits” under “Place statistics” on the visit details view), to find the incorrect visit, but there’s no easy way to spot which one.

That’s actually something I want to fix in the next update - I want that All Visits view to show the visit circles on the map, so that as you scroll down you can quickly spot the visit circle that’s clearly in the wrong place.

In the meantime, the quickest way I’ve found to find the offending visit is to tap on “Common duration” on the details view of one of the visits, then look for histogram bars that are clearly wrong. For example I only ever stay at 7-Eleven for a few minutes, so if there’s a histogram bar for 2 hours, that’s going to be for an incorrect visit. You can then tap on that histogram bar, then tap on “Visits” below, which will take you to a list of only the visits within that duration range. Not ideal, but until I get the above described feature out, it’s often the fastest way.

I gave this shot. Unfortunately doesn’t work for my home location because any duration is a “reasonable duration” so nothing sticks out :confused:

I’ll just have to wait for a future update, or go JSON splunking. Maybe if I’m lucky the dodgy visit will age out quickly and area will shrink again.

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I got this new feature working last night. I just need to clean up the map updating rate while scrolling, and map annotation tap actions, then it’ll be ready to go!

Not sure when I’ll ship the next update (Dark Mode still needs a lot more polish, unless I ship it looking fairly crap), but this All Visits map feature will definitely be in that next update.

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