Force full backup

Is there a way to force Arc to do a full backup from scratch, and ignore any existing backup data?

After a bunch of experiments, and multiple devices on the same iCloud account, I’ve now got a pretty messed up backup folder that has both missing data, and extra test data that shouldn’t be in there. Is there way I can force Arc on my primary phone to do a new complete backup, ignoring any past backup attempts?

I figured it out. Turning off the backup toggle, moving the old backups, and turning the toggle back on seems to have done the trick. Just took a little while for the background task to kick in.

Yep! That’ll do it. Though I think there’s a grace period before it sets the decision in stone, so that people casually flicking the toggle off and on don’t inadvertently set their backup progress back to zero.

Lemme check what the timeout is… k, it’s 30 seconds.