Daily Timeline and Location Rollover

One thing that always throws me off with the timeline is the location arrival time rollover from day to day. Looking at any day, the bottom starts at a time which was yesterday (or earlier) then the rest of the timeline moving upwards progresses throughout the day as location changes. Is it possible to change this so the day’s timeline begins and ends at midnight? Maybe show some trailing line indicating that location bridges one day to the next. An alternative might be to show the date and time of the arrival if it happened yesterday or earlier.

By rolling over the location arrival time from day to day it becomes extra confusing if photos or notes are taken at the location. If photos or notes are taken, is it possible to pin any of them to a spot on the timeline if desired? Here is an example:

Sometime in the future if I want to look back at this event at home it’s not clear if the dryer repair (photos not shown in screenshot) was done on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Agree that it’s not ideal how it is now. My personal preference would be to keep the duration display as it is now, so that I can see at a glance that I was at home for 20 hours, even though it crossed midnight, but to change the visit start time display to … well, something more intuitive than what it is now.

The catch being that including date would make it not fit in the available space. Some small icon or indicator to differentiate it as “this time is from yesterday” would be a good start, but I suspect we could do better than that.

I’ve just never settled on a good answer to what “better than that” is, so it’s never happened.

Yeah, I consider this one basically a bug. Although there’s an argument to be made either way - sometimes seeing the notes and photos from the previous day but that occurred within that visit is actually desirable. But I think in the majority of cases it would be better to only show the photos and notes that occurred within the visible 24 hour period.

Either way, I already have a todo to fix that photos / notes one. I think that’s an easy and obvious UX improvement, with the cases where the current functionality being preferred being in the minority. I’ll bump it up the list now, so I don’t forget it again!

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