Common visit times chart

Can you please explain All day and today in this chart…one side I feel straight line means I am at that place and down waves means common going out. But it confused me by title as it says common visit times! So is this visits to my home or going out of my home.

The lines are common visit times. The higher then line the more common you are at that place at this time.

The bars are “this visit total time” and how much of this visit you spent asleep/in bed.


Yep, @more has covered it there.

  • All days = how common it is for you to be at that place at those times on any day of the week.
  • Sundays = how common it is for you to be at that place on Sundays
  • This visit = the visit you’re actually looking at. So it shows you the start and end of that specific visit.

So from that graph we can see that overall, it’s common for you to not be at that place from around 7am to 9-10am, but on Sundays you’re pretty much always there. So presumably that means you’re not there on weekdays, but are there on weekends.

If you view another visit for that place, that was for a weekday, eg Monday, then you’ll see the Monday line instead of Sunday.

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