App becomes unusable if at home for more than 5-6 days

Absolutely unusable if you’re at home longer than 5-6 days, if it’s a problem with iOS and not Arc then Arc should be updated so the “bug” no longer ruins what was once a great app, I really loved this app, but it’s ridiculous waiting over an hour just for anything to react in the app, it’s always frozen and giving so much false readings, it was once a great app, but I have to end my subscription as it’s pointless paying for something that doesn’t work. I’ve tried the whole “restart the iPhone” thing it fixes absolutely nothing. If the app gets updated to work better in future I’m happy to continue my subscription. Thanks for the great years with the app, ciao :wave:t2:

Hi @JayJay3692!

I recommend following my advice in this thread:

Cleaning up the noise in long visits will dramatically improve recording quality while at that place, and for longer visits.

I try do that for any location or visit I have in the timeline, the problem is even if I clean it each night after about the 5th or 6th night the App responds unbelievably slow to the point it takes sometimes over an hour simply to navigate to the section where you can see individual items it takes incredibly long to do one segment at a time and when Arc is spitting out 100’s of inaccurate readings such as I went for a walk at 500km/h or was in an aircraft stationary, it becomes unusable, as I explained the app used to be my favourite a few years ago but recently it’s just gotten unusable

@JayJay3692, Matt mentioned that he’s working on UI freezes in response to my thread. It sounds like you might be seeing those same freezes. If so, chances are it’ll get significantly better again soon.

Yep, the current beta build has almost no UI freezes at all, and is much much faster for editing and cleanup.

I’m just holding off on sending it out as a public release for a few more days until I’m confident I haven’t caused any new crashes. The fix for the UI freezes was to remove a tiny bit of code I put in a couple of years back to stop some common crashes. But iOS (and Swift) have changed a lot since then, so the crash might not still be an issue. Testing so far is looking good, but yeah, still want to be more confident before I send out the public build. Hopefully later this week!

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