Note timestamp edition

Is there a way to edit the timestamp of the note? For example when in a place for large time, I have several notes that added but in different order of the real time. I want to edit them and make them to the correct time

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There’s no way in the app itself, but you can do it from the JSON files.

  1. Find the JSON file for the note in the backups folder on iCloud Drive
  2. Copy that file into iCloud Drive/Arc App/Import/Note
  3. Edit the file to have the updated timestamp
  4. Go into Arc’s Settings → Backup, Import & Export → Open File Importer
  5. Find the note file in the list, then tap on it to import it

That will update the Note in the database to match the changed data in the JSON file.

I see, this seems to be a way if I have a little to change. Will you consider to implement the feature to edit the time?

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